Programs Offer



AAOIFIs Accounting Standards SECP Standards of IFAS I IFAS II

Certificate Course in Governance of Takaful Companies

Certificate Course in Liquidity Management of Islamic Banks and Takaful Companies

Certificate Course in Marketing of Takaful Products

Risk Management and Takaful

Takaful and Insurance

Asset Liability Management in Islamic financial Institutions

Basic Arabic Sources of Shariah

Certificate Course in AAOIFI Shariah Standards

Certificate Course in Governance of Islamic Banks

Certificate courses in Islamic Microfinance

Certificate in Research Methods for Islamic Finance

Commercial Law and Legal Documentation for Islamic Finance Services

Corporate Governance and Capital Adequacy

Executive Certification Course for bankers Executives

Financial Reporting for Islamic Financial Institutions

Fiqh ul Muamlaat I

Internatinal Banking

Islamic Accounting Standard

Islamic Capital and Money Market

Islamic Economics and Financial System

Islamic Economic System

Islamic Enterpreneurship

Islamic Law of Business and Contract

Islamic Modes of Finance Musharkah Mudharba Ijarah Product Development

Islamic Tressury operations

Islamic Wealth Management

Marketing Of Islamic Banking Services

Practices and Laws of Banking

Profit and Loss Sharing Machenism In Islamic Banking

Regulatory Fremwork forIslamic Banking

Sharia Audit and Compliance

Sharia Audit Certificate Course

Sharia Standards What they are and implementation of Sharia Standards

Short term but extensive trainings for the promotion of Islamic based SME

Strategic Management for Islamic Financial Institutions

Strategies of Marketing for Islamic Financial Services

Sukuk The Elet hira Institute of emerging science hira foundation school Green Edtech Centre for Islamic Economics