Centre for Islamic Economic

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani

Dr. Imran Usmani
Chairman Sub-Executive CIE

Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani is a distinguished shariah scholar, educationist, entre-preneur and a visionary leader. He is the CEO of Usmani & Co Pvt. Ltd.

He is well known and revered in the Islamic seminaries and corporate sectors. With an MPhil, LLB and PhD in Islamic Finance, he is in the steering committee for imple¬mentation of Islamic banking. He heads the group of Resident Shariah Board of Meezan Bank and is the Executive Shariah Board Member of Guidance Financial Group, Shariah Supervisory Board Member, Bank Sarasin (Switzerland) and Shari¬ah Board Member of AIG Chartis Takaful (Bahrain). He chairs the Shariah Boards of Housing Building Finance Corporation, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX), Shariah Compliant Screening Index Board (Pakistan Stock Exchange) and Amanah Bank (Sri Lanka). Dr Imran Usmani is the Executive Director/Founder Member of Hira Foundation School (Hfs) and Hira Institute of Emerging Sciences (HIES). He is the Chairman of Sub-Executive, Centre of Islamic Economics (CIE). Dr Imran Usmani has the honor of being the member of the prestigious Manage¬ment Board and the Chairman of the Academic Board of IBA Centre of Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF). He has achieved remarkable milestones in a short span, authored several insightful books and created an impact globally.

Website: Imranusmani.com