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Keeping into consideration the emerging importance and upcoming growth in the field of Islamic Economics, Banking and Takful a need arises for an organized forum which on one hand, equip the youngers with the education of Islamic economics and on the other hand, train the professionals in the practical field so that they can switch their current day business practices on Shari’ah guidelines Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE), a division of Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi, looks forward to fulfill this need.

Under the supervision of Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani CIE offers

1 Year PGD in Islamic Banking & Takaful

which is timely with the aspiration of the growing interest and concerns in the field of Islamic Banking & Takaful both locally and internationally.

Program Details

S No. Course Description

Semester 1

01 Usool-ul-Fiqh / Sources of Shari’ah
02 Commercial Ethics & Islamic Economic System
03 Riba, Qimar, Gharar & Banking Interest
04 Islamic Law of Contract

Semester 2

05 Islamic Financial Products
06 Islamic Financial Contracts
07 Islamic Modes of Financing
08 Liability Management

Semester 3

09 Takaful & Risk Management
10 Trade Finance in Islamic Banks
11 Advance Topics in Islamic Finance
12 Management of Islamic Financial Institutions


  • Ulma Karam
  • University and Madars Students
  • Professionals (Banking and non- Banking)
  • Male and Female

FEE Structure

S.NO Registration fee Fee per Semester Total Semesters Total Fee
01 PKR 1000/- PKR 40,000/- 3 PKR 121,000/-


  • 50% for Ulamas
  • 25% for Students
  • 20% for Groups

Course Trainers

  • Dr. Imran Ashraf Usmani
  • Mufti Hassan Kaleem
  • Mufti Najeeb Khan
  • Mufti Irshad Ahmed Aijaz
  • Mufti Khalil Aazmi
  • Mufti Yahya Asim
  • Mufti Abdullah Najeeb Siddiqui
  • Dr. Hassan Ashraf Usmani
  • Mufti Bilal Qazi
  • And other renowned Shariah Experts

Class Timings

  • Saturday 3pm to 7pm , Sunday 10am to 3pm

Certificate Course on Islamic Banking & Islamic Insurance

S No. Course Description

Session 1

01 Introduction
02 Sources of Islamic Shariah
03 Comparison of Islamic Economic System with Socialism & Capitalism
Islamic Banking-Background & Global Scenario
04 Ethics of Business in the light of Quran & Sunnah

Session 2

05 Islamic Financial Contracts
06 Sale and Islamic Law of Contract
07 Musharaka

Session 3

09 Advance Topics in Islamic Finance
10 Mudaraba
11 Salam & Istisna

Session 4

12 Murabaha
13 Ijara
14 Principles of Shariah governing Islamic investment funds

Session 5

15 The features of an Islamic Bank
16 Islamic Insurance-Takaful
Wrap up + Question Answers

Course Certificate Distribution

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    PGD 1 YEAR