The primary objective of the Centre for Islamic Economics is to carry out concerted efforts in executing the following five distinct activities


To offer orientation and training opportunities to develop the capabilities of professional personnel in all the major sectors of the economy, particularly banks. This will be done, Inshallah, by organizing regular training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences on subjects of relevance to the needs of the participants, publishing the proceedings of the seminars, workshops and conferences and developing training material for the benefit of end-users and perspective institutional clientele.


To ascertain the un-Islamic practices prevalent in the business and financial sector and co-ordinate between the Ulema and business/financial experts to find out practical alternatives to solve these problems by conducting extensive research.

Propagation and Awareness of the message

To propagate the teachings of Islam regarding economics and finance among the masses in general and business personnel in particular by effectively utilizing the various communication mechanisms.

Movement to mobilize the Business Community & Regulatory Authorities

To mobilize the business community, on one hand by creating awareness regarding the alternative Islamic Financial Instruments and working together with the Government Regulatory Authorities and on the other hand to create a favorable environment to set up an exemplary of Islamic Economic System.


To provide professional Islamic Financial Consultancy Services to individuals and businesses through a diligent team comprising of Ulema and contemporary financial experts in order to make the overall business environment shari’ah compliant.