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Qualities Of A Good Accountant

Accountancy is not a profession for everyone, it needs skill, persistence, and the proper knowledge regarding the market. Being an accountant is something most people don’t aspire to be when they’re growing up but what people fail to see is the fact that accountancy is a profession that allows you to understand and communicate in numbers. If you’re a seasoned accountant you have the power to deal fully comprehend the numbers that run multinational firms. Accountants and other financial workers are a core asset and without their expertise and guidance, a firm can never succeed. They are an integral part of the corporate one and one of the most important resources for a company. 

Here are some qualities that differentiate a good accountant from a not so good accountant.


Decisiveness is the skill of making important decisions at the right time. There are many important financial decisions that take place in a firm every year and accounts are the ones that oversee these decisions. One wrong decision can slip a firm into indefinite bankruptcy overnight, handling this kind of pressure and making the right decision is something that a good accountant needs to master if they want to wok at a multinational corporation. These decisions need to examine from every angle and have to be thoroughly thought before a final verdict is made. A good accountant is quick with their decision, they calculate the risks and the gain in a matter of minutes and provide the firm with the right guidance that they need in order.

Long Term Approach

Accountants need to take everything into consideration when making a financial decision on behalf of the firm. These decisions might seem like a great and profitable idea for the short run but a good accountant will factor in the long term effects of every deal or decision before making their final call. They have to take into consideration the estimated value of the market in the next few years if the market is going to crash or not and if the deal that they are signing is with a company that has a vision for the future and is not just thinking about temporary financial values. A good accountant is always thorough with their research and then make a decision based on all those variables.

Focus and Knowledge

A good accountant is always focused and never sidetracked, they always know when to act and how to act according to the situation, accountants have to pay attention to each and every transaction that the firm is involved in they need to keep track of every financial asset that the firm owns and they need to make sure that the bank statements are always on power with their own records. These tiny little things, if ignored can turn into a big financial mess that could hurt the company. A good accountant also needs to have the proper knowledge to manage accounts. Many educational institutes offer various courses on accounting, such as investment banking courses, ledger keeping courses, Shariah Standards Courses, and financial management courses just to name a few. An accountant needs to have proper knowledge of the ins and outs of the financial world and these courses can help anyone with an interest in the field to become a seasoned accountant.
So these were some qualities of a good accountant, these qualities can be inherited or learned through a proper process. Many educational institutes allow students to become great accountant by providing courses if you think you can be an accountant try out a small course such as executive development courses, a three-day course that can help you immensely in a short period of time.